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Dental cosmetics involves restoring the pink color of the gums, whitening teeth, or placing porcelain veneers for a Hollywood smile.


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Cleaning and polishing teeth

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The idea for teeth whitening in simple terms

The  idea for teeth whitening in simple terms is the process of changing the color of the transparent layer of tooth enamel to make it darker (whiter) without affecting the shade of ivory color, using acid-based substances (carbamide or peroxide) without any removal of the tooth layer or tooth scratching.

Types of Teeth Whitening:

First : Zoom Whitening with Philips Zoom Device.

The latest Zoom device is available at Alkharashy center, and the whitening process with Zoom takes no more than one hour. The gums are isolated from the teeth, and a special substance is applied to whiten the teeth, followed by the use of the Zoom Device. The Zoom whitening process is distinguished by its ability to provide the highest level of teeth whitening, up to four to six shades, safely and effectively, and the results can be seen immediately after the whitening process.

Second: At-home or commonly known as tray whitening.

This method involves taking a patient’s measurement at the laboratory to create customized trays for the patient to use at home along with a whitening substance. Generally, tray whitening is not as strong as Zoom whitening and takes a longer time to achieve results. The patient needs to wear the tray for at least four hours every day, for 5 to 6 days a week, but the whitening effect is still excellent.

Third: Whitening using The Diode Laser.
This method is advantageous because it almost never causes tooth sensitivity, and the whitening effect can reach up to 3 shades, which is a very acceptable level without any sensitivity. The whitening process is safe and comfortable for the patient, and the results also last longer than Zoom whitening, although the level of whitening may not be as high.

How long does teeth whitening last ?

People often ask if teeth whitening is a permanent process or if the whitening effect fades over time. The answer varies depending on the type of whitening process, whether at-home whitening, zoom whitening, or laser whitening. Sometimes, a combination of two types of whitening is used to achieve the desired level of whitening..

Generally, teeth whitening lasts for about 8 months to a year and depends on how well the patient maintains it by regularly brushing their teeth every day and visiting their dentist at least two or three times a year for gum and teeth care and cleaning. It also depends on the patient’s natural eating habits and whether they smoke or consume a lot of coffee, dark drinks, chocolate, Pepsi, or carbonated drinks of all kinds. Those who consume a lot of these products will not maintain their teeth whitening for a long time, unlike those who do not consume them, and the whitening effect will last longer for them.

 Patients should follow up with their dentist at least twice a year after completing the whitening process as a way of polishing their teeth, in addition to taking care of their hygiene at home by using mouthwash and brushing their teeth daily.

Does teeth whitening cause sensitivity?

Teeth whitening is generally safe in all its types, whether it’s at-home whitening, Zoom whitening, or laser whitening. However, the patient may experience sensitivity for a short period of up to 24 hours, which can be treated with very mild painkillers. Generally, the sensitivity is mild, and there are no concerns or problems that the patient may face after the whitening process.

Are there cases where teeth whitening cannot be done?

Teeth whitening is generally suitable for everyone, even in the rare cases where patients have some cosmetic fillings, as it only affects the teeth and does not affect the fillings. However, if the yellowing of the teeth is caused by a medical condition, such as the use of certain antibiotics during childhood or adolescence that changed the color of the teeth, these patients may need to resort to other methods such as Hollywood smile or veneers, which may be more suitable for them. In the case of an injury that damages the nerves of the teeth, internal whitening of the affected tooth is performed, followed by external whitening of all teeth or the use of veneers (Hollywood Smile).

Hollywood Smile at Alkharashy Center

Veneers are characterized by their sustainability, as temporary whitening lasts for up to 6 months to a maximum of one year if maintained properly, while veneers provide a permanent solution. The effect of coffee and tea on veneers is minimal, and with proper maintenance, they are almost unaffected. However, it is difficult to determine a specific percentage because it varies from person to person depending on the amount of exposure to smoking or coffee, which can affect the level and sustainability of whitening.

The cause of a tooth discoloration and its treatment

 Tooth discoloration can occur as a result of trauma or injury to one of the teeth, which may be an old accident that led to the death of the nerve inside that tooth, causing it to decay and darken in color. In such cases, root canal treatment is required. After the root canal and root treatment, an internal whitening process is performed within the tooth to restore it to its natural color, resulting in very impressive results.

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