Microscopes made it possible for dentists to see with further accuracy and precision which eases the process of dental pulp extirpation.

Dental microscopes provides enhanced light and better vision by using a magnifying lens allowing the endodontists more control during the treatment process and other procedures as sterilizing dental pulps, extirpation of necrotic pulp and creating a high quality permanent restorations. Applying the latest techniques and methods provides the preservation of teeth instead of resorting to outdated methods such as extractions resulting from severe pain associated with pulp inflammations. At the old days; most of the endodontic treatments failed, leading both the endodontist and patient to resort to extraction of the infected tooth or molar to terminate severe pain; this was because dentists weren’t privileged with such levels of vision through the tooth. At Alkharashy center we work on preserving the teeth in a good condition to prevent any exacerbating in case of future problems such as receding jaw bones and effecting the adjacent teeth of the extracted one.