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Oral Surgery Clinic

Advanced soft tissue surgeries may include the treatment of tongue tumors, as well as procedures to reshape or remove gum tissue, and the removal of cysts and tumors.

Each branch of dentistry includes numerous clinics with various specialties, ranging from complex surgeries such as jaw surgery and permanent teeth implants, to the latest techniques in bone grafts, sinus lifting, and the removal of facial, oral, and jaw tumors. All functional and cosmetic treatments are also available.

At Alkharashy center, we are equipped to provide advanced surgeries for fractures caused by accidents or sports injuries, as well as jaw restoration and the correction of behavioral defects that patients may be born with.

Our dental center is fully staffed by the highest level of medical and maxillofacial surgeons in the Middle East, and we possess the newest, most up-to-date dental devices, including the laser water device, which can help relieve pain during and after surgery, prevent bleeding, and often eliminate the need for anesthesia.


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