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Pedodontic Clinic

We provide dental care for children from the time their deciduous teeth erupt until puberty, and we encourage parental follow-up to help maintain healthy dental habits.

Alkharashy Dental Center places a special focus on our Pedodontic clinic. Our consultants start following up with patients as soon as pregnancy occurs, providing nutritional advice to help mothers acquire healthier habits that can drastically affect the fetus’s jaw and deciduous teeth formation. We encourage mothers to maintain a pre-deciduous oral hygiene routine to eliminate any acidic residues for infants, and we keep track of all cases to ensure that primary teeth development occurs at the right time and is properly aligned, saving spots for permanent teeth to emerge. This is a crucial stage that requires attention, as it may prevent complicated teeth correcting procedures and/or major orthodontic surgeries if not attended to at the right time.

In addition, our clinic provides the latest advancements in medical dentistry for treating gingival and soft tissue issues, including the use of a water laser device that can treat various gum diseases without anesthesia. This results in a healthy, strong gum without bleeding, pain, inflammation, or abscesses in a single session.


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