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Technology And Treatment Systems

All of our clinics in our branches own the latest dental technology. Since check in until you finish your treatment trip you will come across the following devices .

Single Tooth Anesthesia

Technology And Treatment Systems S.T.A – Single Tooth Anesthesia It’s a painless anesthetic device; it uses the latest anesthetic methods that sedate the infected tooth

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Technology And Treatment Systems Philips Zoom Device technique of Philips zoom 3 works on stimulating the bleaching material which is applied on teeth Which is

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Technology And Treatment Systems THE DIODE LASER Soft tissue laser device isn’t used in bone. It is used in teeth bleaching without causing any hypersensitivity.

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Technology And Treatment Systems OSSTELL – ISQ A device that uses an advanced technology to determine the stability of implants in the jaw, bone healing

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Technology And Treatment Systems CEREC This modern technique is based on the 3D laser measurement for the tooth image or the prepared molar then gets

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Technology And Treatment Systems WATER LASE It helps in surgical procedures without pain or anathesia in most cases without bleeding or postsurgical complications. In addition

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The device is among the latest microscopes it is specifically designed to magnify and focus the vision on the dentist’s operating areas inside the oral cavity. The device enhances the vision by x10s magnification to help in both diagnostic and operating accuracy, giving the dentist a clear sight to the root canals resulting in better treatments outcome.

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Anthos Dental Unit A7

Technology And Treatment Systems An indispensable tool on one hand, a dental unit complete in every sense on the other. Thanks to the underlying technological

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Panoramic X-ray system

Technology And Treatment Systems جهاز الأشعة السينية البانورامية هو أداة تشخيصية هامة، لأنه يقدم معلومات قيمة حول الجيوب الأنفية الفكية ووضع الأسنان وتشوهات عظام الفك.

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Al-Kharashy Team

  • B.D.S, M.D (Periodontology and Oral Medicine )
  • Fellow Of Strauman Institute / Dental Implantation Berne - Switzerland -
  • Master of Science (MSC) degree in Prosthodontics